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A101 - CAUSE and The CURE of The Raging WAR OVER AMERICA, The
By: Qui Tam

Everyone knows there is a problem in America, but few can identify it. It is very difficult to campaign against an enemy you cannot identify. Americans have taken for granted their literacy, their language, their grammar, their law, their custom, and their proper usage. The adversary knows, full well, that it does not need artillery, tanks, bombs, guns, bullets, or mace to control anyone, when they have control of the grammar, the Law and the language of a people, Nation; and furthermore, control over their entire Culture.
We, the People have never had “representatives” in the Continental Congress, but Deputies, first at Philadelphia, then Washington, District of Columbia, exclusively. The people are the fountain of sovereignty in America via the Popular Government they enthroned, for the protection of their unalienable Lives, Liberty, and Property; the only basis in fact, for the guaranteed Republican form so ordained and established. The best defense is a good offense. The information in this book demonstrates how you can create the legal, documentary evidence to break all the presumptions that are ever used against you in court through the process of administrative “Notice” and exhaustion.

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